How does mold affect me?

Mold is a common concern for homeowners and buyers. It’s common to find mold even in new homes, especially when they have been left untouched for a period of time after the building was completed. Whether you’re selling your current home or looking into buying one, it’s crucial to get a mold inspection.

The presence of active mold can drastically affect the value of any home.

For homeowners, a mold inspection will either put your mind at ease or make you aware of any problems in advance that could otherwise cause delays or serve as a deal breaker once you’ve begun negotiations. A professional mold inspection will give you a signed report before you put the home on the market. For buyer’s inspections, getting a mold assessment will ensure that you’re not surprised by costly clean up and the potential health hazards of mold. If any mold is found to be present and active in the home, the mold inspection will allow you to address the clean-up prior to purchasing the home.